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    Dr. Hamid Garmestani is a Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his education from Cornell University (Ph.D. 1989 in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) and the University of Florida (B.S. 1982 in Mechanical Engineering, M.S. 1984 in Materials Science and Engineering). After serving a year as a post -doctoral fellow at Yale University, he joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at Florida State University (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering) in 1990. 

    Primary research and teaching interests include microstructure/property relationship in textured polycrystalline materials, composites, superplastic, magnetic and thin film layered structures. He uses phenomenological and statistical mechanics models in a computational framework to investigate microstructure and texture (micro-texture) evolution during processing and predict effective properties (mechanical, transport and magnetic). His present research interests are processing of fuel cell materials and modeling of their transport and mechanical properties.

    Dr. Garmestani has been the recipient of a research award (FAR) through NASA in  1997.  He received the Superstar in  Research award in 1999 by FSU-CRC.  He  has also been the recipient of the Engineering Research Award at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Spring 2000. He is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Plasticity and board of reviewers for journal of Metal Transaction.  He is presently funded through NSF (MRD), NASA, Air Force and the Army.

    Selected publications
    1. Li DS, Saheli G, Khaleel M, Garmestani, H., “Microstructure optimization in fuel cell electrodes using materials design”, CMC-COMPUTERS MATERIALS & CONTINUA 4 (1): 31-42 AUG 2006.
    2. D.S. Li, H. Garmestani, S. Ahzi, Processing path optimization to achieve desired texture in polycrystalline materials, Acta Materialia 55 (2007) 647–654.
    3. H. Garmestani, S. Lin, B. Adams, S. Ahzi, "Statistical Continuum Theory for Texture Evolution of Polycrystals", Journal of the Mechanics and physics of Solids 49, (2001) 589-607.
    • B.S Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida
    • M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida 
    • Ph.D. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University
    Research Interests
    • Mechanical properties
    • Statistical approaches
    • Microstructure Sensitive Design