Parachuru, Radhakrishnaiah


Radhakrishnaiah Parachuru
Senior Academic Professional
LOVE 171

Dr. Parachuru holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in textile engineering and an MS degree in Decision Sciences/Applied Statistics. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced scientist with more than 35 years of teaching, research and industrial experience in polymer, fiber, textile, apparel, carpet and other related disciplines. His research contributions fall under three main categories -- textile structures, structure-property relationships and objective evaluation of subjective textile properties. In the past, he taught in almost all areas of textile manufacturing, including textile testing, nonwovens, technical textiles and carpets. Currently he teaches two core MSE courses dealing with materials characterization and materials fabrication. He also supervises and maintains the undergraduate teaching laboratories at MSE. Serving as the coordinator of industry and public support activities at Georgia Tech, he has completed more than 180 applied research projects for the benefit of all segments of the textile & allied industries. Projects completed for the industry fall in the following categories:

Product/process optimization
Technical trouble shooting
Preparation of third party reports based on product analysis and evaluation
Design and evaluation of new products
Assistance for product diversification and expansion into value added products
Establishment of quality control facilities and routines
Business data modeling and analysis, and
Miscellaneous cost saving projects.

Dr. Parachuru has been an active member of Fiber Society, AATCC, ASTM and TQCA. Currently he plays an active role on several AATCC technical committees and also serves as chairman of the AATCC committee on statistics. His current research focus is on utilizing the advances in the fields of nanotechnology and biotechnology to advance the state of the art in fiber product manufacturing.

After serving as a field expert in dozens of civil and criminal court cases involving polymer, fiber, and textile materials and products, Dr. Parachuru has gained recognition as one of the leading technical experts in his field. His experience covers local, state and federal courts in multiple states and also city, state and federal governments and private agencies.