Environmental concerns have been at the forefront of limiting technological advances in various industry sectors. In addition to climate change issues associated with waste gas emissions from automobiles and factories, access to and development of clean water, consumption and waste of raw materials during primary/secondary materials refining/separation processes are all important environmental issues that scientists and engineers are actively trying to resolve. Materials based solutions being researched by MSE faculty include advancements in filters, sensors, and catalysts, modifications of materials processing approaches with significantly improved yield or conversion efficiency or increased recycling, as well as light-weighting of devices and vehicles for overall reduction in use of such materials as well as reduced energy consumption.  

The faculty listed below, have identified their primary research in the area of Environment as the grand challenge being addressed in their work.

Associate Professor
Professor and Associate Chair for Academics & Research
Assistant Professor (start Fall 2023)
Gwaltney Chair in Manufacturing Systems
Regents' Professor & Hightower Chair Emeritus