• Undergraduate Research courses (for credit) - MSE 2699 (freshman and sophomores), MSE 4699 (juniors and seniors) 
  • Undergraduate Research Assistantship courses (for pay) -MSE 2698 (freshman and sophomores) and MSE 4698 (juniors and seniors) 

Students wanting to perform research with MSE faculty for academic credit must register for either MSE 2699 (Undergraduate Research for freshmen and sophomores) or MSE 4699 (Undergraduate Research for juniors and seniors). Students pay tuition for the course, as for any other course taken for academic credit. Students are not paid for their work.

A student in one of these courses is expected to work an average of three hours per week in the lab over a 15 week semester for each hour of academic credit received. Weekly expectations over an 11 week summer session are increased proportionately.

Students in Undergraduate Research courses must produce something to which a grade can be assigned such as a written report or presentation.

MSE students may apply up to five credit hours of Undergraduate Research (MSE 2699 or MSE 4699) towards the free elective credit. 

Students performing research with MSE faculty for pay are encouraged to register for either MSE 2698 (Undergraduate Research Assistantship for freshmen and sophomores) or MSE 4698 (Undergraduate Research for juniors and seniors). Students pay no tuition for these audit only courses. Students may register for up to 12 hours of these courses in a single term.  Registering for 12 hours of Undergraduate Research Assistantship will cost no tuition and will qualify you as a full -time student. Some students may pursue this option in the summer if they find an advisor willing to pay them for, essentially, full-time work. These courses appear on the student's transcript providing evidence of having performed research as an undergraduate.

If you are interested in taking one of these courses, perform the following steps:

  • Find a faculty member who is willing to serve as your research advisor and identify an appropriate research project.
  • Fill out the Research Approval Form in DocuSign and sign electronically.
  • The form is then sent to your research advisor for their signature electronically.
  • The form is then transmitted to the Undergraduate Academic Office for processing. A permit will be issued allowing you to register for the course.
  • It is the student's responsibility to register for the class after the permit has been issued.

If you have questions, contact Dr. Renita Washington at renita.washington@mse.gatech.edu.