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    Vladimir V. Tsukruk is a Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Engineering at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, a founding Director of Microanalysis Center, and founding co-director of DoD BIONIC Center of Excellence.  He received MS degree in physics from the National University of Ukraine, PhD in polymer science and DSc in chemistry from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He carried out his post-doc research at the U. Marburg, Darmstadt TU, and U. Akron.

    He serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of ten professional journals and as an Associate Editor at ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. He has co-authored more than 400 refereed articles in archival journals and five books, which have been cited more than 15,500 times with H-index of 60 (WoS).  He has organized ten professional symposia and trained about 70 students currently employed in industry, academia, and national labs.  His research in the field of surfaces, interfaces, directed assembly of synthetic/natural polymers and nanostructures, and bioinspired hybrid nanomaterials has been recognized by The Georgia Tech Outstanding Research Author Award (2015), the Humboldt Lectureship (2011), Humboldt Research Award (2010) and the National Science Foundation Special Creativity Award (2006) among others.

    He was elected as a Fellow of American Physical Society (2010), Materials Research Society (2011), and American Chemical Society (2014). He co-authored a comprehensive textbook (Scanning Probe Microscopy of Soft Matter: Fundamentals and Practices, Wiley-VCH, 2012).

    Selected publications
    1. V. V. Tsukruk, S. Singamaneni, Scanning Probe Microscopy of Soft Matter: Fundamentals and Practices, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2012, 661 pages
    2. C. R. Xiong, K. Hu, C. Lu, R. Ma, X. Zhang, V. V. Tsukruk, Braking the Banana Rule: Combining Strength, Toughness and Stretchability in Cellulose Nanocrystal-Graphene Oxide Nanomaterials, Adv. Mater., 2016, in print
    3. S. T. Malak, J. Jung, Y. J. Yoon, M. J. Smith, Chun Lin, Z. Lin, V. V. Tsukruk,, Large-area multicolor emissive patterns of quantum dot-polymer films via targeted recovery of emission signature, Adv. Optic. Materials, 2016, in print
    4. W. Xu, A. A. Steinschulte, F. A. Plamper, V. F. Korolovych, V. V. Tsukruk, Hierarchical Assembly of Star Polymer Polymersomes into Responsive Multicompartmental Microcapsules, Chem. Mater., 2016, in print
    5. S. Kim, M. Russell, D. Kulkarni, M. Henry, S. S. Kim, R. R. Naik, A. A. Voevodin, S. S. Jang, V. V. Tsukruk, A. G. Fedorov, Activating ‘Invisible’ Glue: Using Electron Beam for Enhancement of Interfacial Properties of Graphene-Metal Contact, ACS Nano, 2016, 10, 1042-1049.
    6. L. Tian, K. Liu, S. Cao, J. Geldmeier, M. Fei, V. V. Tsukruk, S. Singamaneni, Externally-triggered Electromagnetic Hotspots through Spontaneous Folding of Plasmonic Gel, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, in print
    7. K. Hu, R. Xiong, H. Guo, R. Ma, S. Zhang, Z. L. Wang, V. V. Tsukruk,, Self-Powered Electronic Skin with Bio-Tactile Ability, Adv. Mater. 2016, in print
    8. M. Chyasnavichyus, S. L. Young, R. Geryak, V. V. Tsukruk, Probing elastic properties of soft materials with AFM: data analysis for different tip geometries, Polymer, 2016, in print
    9. W. Xu, P. A Ledin, Z. Iatridi, C. Tsitsilianis, V. V. Tsukruk, Multicompartmental Microcapsules w6ith Orthogonal Programmable Two-way Sequencing of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Cargo Release, Ang. Chem. 2016, in print
    10. J. Jung, C. H. Lin, Y. J. Yoon, S. T. Malak, Y. Zhai, E. L. Thomas, Z. V. Vardeny, V. V. Tsukruk, Z. Lin, Crafting Core/Graded Shell/Shell Quantum Dots with Suppressed Re-absorption and Tunable Stokes Shift as High Optical Gain Materials, Ang. Chem., 2016, in print
    11. Ye, V. V. Tsukruk, Designing two-dimensional materials that spring rapidly into three-dimensional shapes, Science2015347, 130.
    12. C. Ye, S. V. Nikolov, R. Calabrese, A. Dindar, A. Alexeev, B. Kippelen, D. L. Kaplan, V. V. Tsukruk,, Self-(un)rolling Biopolymer Microstructures: Rings, Tubules, and Helical Tubules from the Same Material, Angew. Chemie. 201554, 8490.
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    Books or Chapters of Books:

    1. V. V. Tsukruk, N. D. Spencer, Eds. Advances in Scanning Probe
    2. Microscopy of Polymers, Macromolecular Symposium, v. 167, 2001.
    3. V. V. Tsukruk, K. Wahl, Eds. Microstructure and Microtribology of Polymer Surfaces, ACS Symposium Series, v. 741,  2000.
    4. B. Ratner, V. V. Tsukruk, Eds. Scanning Probe Microscopy in Polymers, ACS Symposium Series, 1998, v. 694.
    5. V. V. Tsukruk, V. V. Shilov, Structure of Polymeric Liquid Crystals, Kiev:Naukova Dumka, 1990
    • Post-doctoral, Polymer Science Department, The University of Akron, OH, 1992-1993
    • Post-doctoral, Freiburg University, Germany, 1992
    • Post-doctoral Humboldt Fellow, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, 1990-1992
    • Ph.D.2 (D.Sc.), Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev 1988
    • Ph.D., Polymer Science (Yu. Lipatov), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev 1983 
    • M.S., Molecular Physics, National University of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine 1978
    • GT Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award (2015)
    • Fellow, American Chemical Society (2014)
    • SAIC Advisor Award (2012)
    • Fellow, Materials Research Society (2011)
    • SAIC Advisor Award (2011)
    • Humboldt Lectureship (2010)
    • Fellow, American Physical Society (2009)
    • Humboldt Research Award (2009)
    • NSF Special Creativity Award (2006)
    • ISN-MIT Visiting Professorship (2005)
    • MSE Departmental Research Award (2001)
    • Visiting Professorship, Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France (2001)
    • MSE Departmental Research Award (2001)
    • Outstanding Service to Students Award, WMU (1995)
    • Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, AFOSR (1995)
    • Visiting International Scholarship, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan(1994)
    • Research Initiation Award for Young Investigators, National Science Foundation (1994)
    • Research Opportunity Award, National Science Foundation - Stanford University (1994)
    • Humboldt Foundation Fellowship, AHF, Germany (1990)
    • Award for the best research work among young investigators of Ukraine, Ukraine (1985)
    • Award in competition among young investigators of Academy of Science of USSR, USSR (1984)
    • Awards for the best research work at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine (1982, 1983)

    Professional Services at National and International Levels


    • Associate Editor, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces     2015-present
    • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Macromolecules     2016-present
    • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, ACS Macro Letters          2016-present
    • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, ACS Biomat. Sci. & Eng.   2014-present
    • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces   2010-present
    • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Langmuir    2010-present
    • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Polymer          2005-present
    Research Interests
    • Biologically Enabled and Bioinspired Materials
    • Polymers and Macromolecules
    • Nanomaterials and Nanoengineered Devices
    • Functional Electronic and Optical Materials
    • Multi-scale Structural & Chemical Characterization
    • Self-assembly of polymeric and organic films
    • Dendritic macromolecules as building blocks for organized assemblies
    • at functionalized interfaces
    • Star and hyperbranched polymeric assemblies at interfaces
    • Bio-hybrid and bio-inspired surface assemblies
    • Biomimetics and biological thermal sensing
    • Molecular lubricants for microelectromechanical systems
    • Nanotribology and nanomechanical properties of polymeric surfaces
    • Scanning Probe Microscopy of polymeric interfaces
    • Polymer surfaces and interfaces: nanostructures and nanoproperties