Correa-Baena, Hidalgo

Atlanta News First interviewed MSE Assistant Professor Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena regarding Tech’s critical role in the technology that led to a major investment in solar power in Georgia and prompted a visit to the state from Vice President Kamala Harris. Meeting in the Kendeda building, one of the most sustainable buildings in the Southeast, Correa-Baena discussed the key part Georgia Tech plays in the future of solar power, from innovation and expertise to providing a strong workforce to feed into these clean tech manufacturing facilities. More

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also interviewed Correa-Baena regarding the increase in solar panel production in Georgia and the importance of solar energy to the future of our nation. “We want to make sure that we don’t have geopolitics in the middle of this, because the future of electricity production is going to heavily rely on solar panels,” Correa-Baena said. “It’s a matter of national security at this point.” More

Juanita Hidalgo, MSE student and member of the Correa-Baena Group, recently has an op-ed published in Univision, one of the largest Hispanic-targeted news outlets in the U.S. She discussed the Inflation Reduction Act is having in clean manufacturing in the US, with GT and the State of Georgia helping lead the way. Read the op-ed here