Daria Bukharina

Daria Bukharina received the Best Poster Award during the MRS Fall meeting in Boston, MA. The poster, “Bouligand multilayers: artificially constructed cellulose nanocrystals chiral films,” highlighted chiral films’ fabrication strategy developed in the Tsukruk lab. Cellulose nanocrystals chiral thin films were fabricated via shear coating layer-by-layer deposition. Additionally to the construction of the cellulose nanocrystals films, they demonstrated how their chiroptical properties can be controlled and tuned by the deposition conditions. The poster was one of five winners out of 200+ posters presented that day that day. The poster authors were Daria Bukharina, Lindsay Southard, Saewon Kang, Peng Min, and Vladimir V. Tsukruk.