The School of Materials Science and Engineering at The Georgia Institute of Technology proudly announces the Endowed Hightower Chair & Hightower Professorship

These positions, supported by the generosity of the Hightower Family, recognize MSE faculty for their intellectual leadership and broaderimpact in their discipline, providing impetus for growth in emergingareas of importance.

Meilin Liu Regents Professor and Hightower Chair in MSE and Associate Chair for Academics

Dr. Liu's primary interests lie in fundamental understanding of the effect of structure, defects, and microstructure on transport and electrical properties of surfaces and interfaces. His research centers on design, fabrication, in situ/operando characterization, and modeling of membranes, thin films, and nanostructured electrodes in devices or systems for chemical and energy transformation, aiming at achieving rational design of materials and structures with unique functionalities.

Eric Vogel Hightower Professor in MSE and Executive Director Institute for Materials

Dr. Vogel performs research related to the development and fundamental understanding of a variety of electronic and nano-materials and devices. His research is currently focused on synthesis, processing and properties of two-dimensional van der Waals materials, metal oxides for bio-inspired memory applications, surface interactions and application of electronic biosensors, and processes and materials for nano-modular devices for desktop integrated circuit manufacturing.