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Projected Tentative Graduate Course Offerings

6010: Functional Materials   
6110: Transmission Electron Microscopy   
6130:  Surface Analysis   
6140: Computational Mat Sci   
6401: Thermodynamics of Materials   
6402: Crystallography, Structure and Defects   
6403:  Kinetics of Phase Transformations   
6404: Scattering Theory   
6405: Advanced Nanomaterials   
6406: Corrosion of Materials   
6407 Biological Properties   
6411 Thermodynamics of Materials    
6412 Structures of Materials   
6510 Polymers for Electronic and Photonic Applications I   
6600 Advanced Polymer Processing   
6602 Tensor Anal and Math Tech   
6750 Preparation & Reactions of Polymers   
6751: Physical Chemistry of Polymer Solutions   
6752:Polymer Characterization   
6754:  Engineering Communication   
6757 Adv Poly Chemistry   
6768:  Polymer Structure, Physical Properties, and Characterization   
6774 (MSE/BMED): Biomaterials: Structure and Function   
6775 Polymer Communications   
6776 Integrated Low-Cost Microelectronics System Packaging   
6777 Advanced Biomaterials   
6795 - Mathematical Foundations in Materials Science    
6796: Structure-Property Relationships in Materials   
7140: Impedence and Dielectric Spectroscopy   
7420 Solidification Process   
7757: Teaching Practicum   
7771: Mechanics of Polymer Solids   
7772: Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics   
7774: Fatigue of Materials and Structures   
8200: Advanced Presentation Skills   
8801: PC1 Polymer Communication   
8801S MSE Seminar   
8803 APC Advanced Polymer Chemistry   
MSE 8803-A: Quantum Mechanics for Materials Science and Engineering   
8803A: High Strain Rate Deformation   
MSE 8803 Product Design through Formulation and Processing   
8803C: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology   
8803C: Computational Materials Science and Engineering   
8803C Processing and Applications of Engineering Alloys   
8803E: Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion   
8803F Advanced X-ray Diffraction   
MSE 8803F: Vapor Deposition of Thin Films: Processing Science & Technology   
8803HG:  Statistical Mechanics of a Heterogeneous Media   
8803I Fundamentals of Nanomaterials & Energy   
8803M Atomistic-Molecular Modeling and Simulation for MSE   
8803P Environ Degradation (Fundamentals of Corrosion)   
8803T: Teaching Practicum