B.S./M.S. Program

BS/MS Program – Materials Science and Engineering

Current undergraduate students may participate in the BS-MS Program offered by the School.  Georgia Tech undergraduate students may be admitted into the program after completing a minimum of 30 semester credit hours (and no more than 75 hours) at Georgia Tech, and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher at time of application.  Both the application fee and the GRE test score are waived.  Students need to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA when receiving the B.S. degree in order to be converted into graduate student status and must continue immediately into the M.S. program in order to qualify for the 6 semester-hour “Graduate Course Credit” option.  The following hours are required at the MS level:

30 hours total of which:

  • 18 hours of approved MSE courses (6 hours of core courses MSE 6411 and MSE 6412 + 12 hours of elective courses (see Section D.3. of major course requirements)
  • 21 hours must be at 6xxx or above

The BS-MS Program allows eligible students to use up to six credit hours of graduate-level MSE courses (or MSE approved courses) for both BS and MS degrees.  A maximum of 12 hours graduate level courses can be taken as a BS level student, but only 6 hours can double towards the MS.  No course below 4xxx are permitted.

No core courses used for graduate credit may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.  However, up to three credit hours of elective course work may be taken Pass/Fail, and applied toward the degree hour requirements. 

Approved ‘core’ BS/MS courses:

Core Courses              Hours              Description

MSE 6411 (Fall)         3-0 -3              THERMODYNAMICS

MSE 6412 (Fall)         3-0 -3              STRUCTURE OF MATERIALS


MSE Approved Elective Courses (not limited to):

MSE 6010                   Functional Materials

MSE 6105                   Diffraction Studies

MSE 6110                   Transmission Electron Microscopy

MSE 6120                   Quantitative Characterization of Microstructures

MSE 6130                   Surface Characterization

MSE 6403                   Kinetics of Phase Transformations

MSE 6404                   Scattering Theory

MSE 6405                   Advanced Nanomaterials

MSE 6406                   Corrosion of Materials

MSE 6407                   Biological Properties

MSE 6510                   Polymers for Electronic and Photonic Applications

MSE 6600                   Advanced Polymer Processing

MSE 6602                   Tensor Anal and Math Tech

MSE 6750                   Preparation & Reactions of Polymers

MSE 6751                   Physical Chemistry of Polymers in Solutions

MSE 6752                   Polymer Characterization

MSE 6755                   Theoretical Chemistry of Polymers or Statistical Mechanics

MSE 6768                   Polymer Structure, Physical Properties

MSE 6774                   (MSE/BMED): Biomaterials: Structure and Function

MSE 6776                   Integrated Low-Cost Microelectronics System Packaging

MSE 6777                   Advanced Biomaterials

MSE 6795                   Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Techniques in Materials Science

MSE 6796                   Structure-Property Relationships in Materials

MSE 7140                   Impedance and Dielectric Spectroscopy

MSE 7420                   Solidification Processing

MSE 7771                   Mechanics of Polymer Solids and Fluids

MSE 7772                   Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics

MSE 7774                   Fatigue of Materials and Structures

MSE 8803A                Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

MSE 8803C                Advanced X-ray Diffraction

MSE 8803E                Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

MSE 8803HG             Statistical Mechanics of a Heterogeneous Media

MSE 8803I                  Fundamentals of Nanomaterials & Energy

MSE 8803M               Biomaterials Properties

MSE 8903                   Special Problems

ME 6104                     Computer-aided Design

ME 6124                     Finite-Element Method: Theory & Practice

ISyE 6739                   Basic Statistical Methods

CHEM 6172               Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 6181               Chemical Crystallography

CHEM 6283               Electroanalytical Chemistry

CHEM 6382               Computational Methods in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEM 6752               Polymer Characterization

CHEM 6572               Macromolecular Structure

MATH 4247               Partial Differential Equations I

MATH 4348               Partial Differential Equations II

MATH 4255               Monte Carlo Methods



BS/MS Program FAQ

Q: How do I apply?

A: All application materials for the BS/MS are online.  Apply at the grad admissions website: http://www.gradadmiss.gatech.edu/apply-now; there is no application fee.


Q: How many courses are considered a fulltime load in grad school?

A: 12 hours of coursework is considered full-time for an MS non-thesis student. Graduate students working towards a thesis-based masters or PhD typically take two courses for academic credit and register for a total of 21 hours, filling up the remainder with thesis hours.


Q:  How many hours can I complete before graduating with a BS in MSE?

A: 12 graduate coursework hours can be taken as an undergrad and applied toward the 30 hours required for an MS non-thesis.  The 6 hours that may be double counted for BS/MS students cannot be used to satisfy the required undergrad concentration, but can satisfy 6 hours of undergraduate free electives. These double-counted hours can be MSE 4XXX or 6XXX (and above) and are not required to be cross-listed.


Q:  Do people ever take 6000+ courses from other majors?  If so, what majors?

A: With prior approval from the MSE Academic Offices, 4XXX or above courses may be selected from almost any major at Georgia Tech. Management courses are allowed with approval.


Q: Why does my DegreeWorks not show a BS/MS MSE Option for “What If Analysis?”

A: DegreeWorks has no display option for the BS/MS. You will fill out a proposed program of study with the MSE Academic Offices that you will keep for your records and use as your guide.


Q: How do I register for MS courses while still a BS student?  

A: As an undergraduate student you need a registration permit to sign up for graduate coursework. You will talk to the undergraduate academic advisor, currently Dr. Washington, in MSE to submit an override request and then work with the Registrar to get permission to take 6000-8000 level classes before graduating with your undergrad degree.  The Registrar’s permission can be obtained by emailing: comments@registrar.gatech.edu


Q. Do I need to register for MSE 8903 – Special problems?

A: No, however, MS without thesis students can take a special problems (MSE8903 – P/F) course for research experience.


Q: How many letters of recommendation are required, and how are they obtained?

A: Only one letter of recommendation is required.  The online application will ask for the Referee's name & email address, and the application system will automatically contact the referee for the letter.

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