Graduate Handbook

Introduction to Graduate Studies

This handbook is intended to assist Materials Science and Engineering graduate students during their stay at Georgia Tech and is a supplement to the material contained in the Georgia Tech General Catalog, particularly the section entitled "Information for Graduate Students." The rules and regulations in the Catalog govern all graduate students. This manual covers matters of particular concern to graduate students in Materials Science and Engineering. All such students should carefully read and follow the guidelines set out in the Catalog and this handbook.

The Director of Graduate Studies should be consulted in case of questions concerning academic requirements and procedures. Forms may be obtained from the Materials Science and Engineering Academic Office (Room 297, J Erskine Love Manufacturing Building) or from the Graduate Studies and Research Office located on the 3rd floor of the Savant Building, Room 317 and respective web sites.

For additional information on about the MSE Graduate Program complete the request form or contact:

Professor & Associate Chair Graduate Studies
Academic Advising Manager