Environmental Physics Minor

The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences minor in Environmental Physics is designed for students interested in applying physical and mathematical principles to environmental problems.  This minor is ideal for those interested in graduate work in geophysics or atmospheric sciences.

Required Courses:

EAS 4655   Atmospheric Dynamics (3-0-3) Fall

EAS 3610   Introduction to Geophysics (3-0-3) Fall

Choose 9 credit hours (3 MUST be 3000 level or above):

EAS 2750   Physics of the Weather (3-0-3) Fall

EAS 4430   Remote Sensing and Data Analysis (3-0-3)

EAS 3603   Earth System Thermodynamics (3-0-3) Fall

EAS 4410   Climate and Global Change (3-0-3) Fall

EAS 4450   Synoptic Meteorology (3-0-3) Spring

EAS 4470   Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation (3-0-3) Spring