MSE Seminar - Pofessor Faisal Alamgir

MSE Seminar
Event Date:
Monday, October 20, 2014 - 4:00pm
Boggs B6

TITLE:  "Single Script, Multiple Points of View: Element-specific, Real-time, Studies of Electroactive Materials using Advanced Core-hole Techniques"



Operando and in situ core-hole based X-ray spectroscopies provide information vital to unraveling the mechanisms of charge transfer and structural re-organization of electroactive materials. Core-hole techniques are not just element specific, but are specific to the chemical state of the elements probed. By tracking changes in electronic and local atomistic structure of multiple constituent elements under operating or near-operating conditions, a robust real-world picture of the fundamental mechanistic processes can be established. In this presentation, we will look discuss how the core-hole techniques of synchrotron X-ray based absorption, photoelectron emission, and fluorescence emission (XPS, XAS and XES) are currently being used in the study of electrochemically active materials such as in batteries and fuel cells, and what the advances in future light sources means for developments in these methods. We will look at the case studies of electrode materials for fuel cells and batteries to illustrate the current and potential future capabilities.

Host: Karl Jacob

Reception at 3:30 preceeding seminar outside Boggs B6