Why does my zipper say YKK?

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Next time you zip up, or zip down, check out your zipper. There's a good chance it'll say YKK. But, what is YKK? I head to South Gate, California, to find out.

At Koos Manufacturing in South Gate, they make AG jeans, with YKK zippers. Yul Ku, the owner of the company, shows me around. And it's a sight. Cutting. Lasering. They make 10,000 pairs of AG jeans a day. There are men whose job it is to buff the butts of the jeans to make them soft.

And, at the very beginning of the process, there are people sewing zippers into the fly, adding sliders to the zipper chain. YKK zippers.

Ku says he's used them for decades. "Once I started using YKK, I never thought about someone else," he says. "YKK is a good zipper." And what exactly is a "good" zipper? One that doesn't break, says Ku. You don't want a bad zipper ruining a $150 pair of jeans.