MSE Professor Preet Singh on AASHTO Sweet 16 Winning Team

MSE Professor Preet Singh was on the winning team to receive the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, AASHTO, Sweet Sixteen award high-value research projects from DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry Dec. 8. Their work on corrosion-resistant concrete piles for marine environments has been used on bridges in Georgia and is being tested for use in nearby states. 

“The new goal of the Federal Highway Administration and Georgia DOT is to have a design life for bridges of 100 years or more. Current steel reinforcing in piles in marine environments totally corrodes in less than 40 years,” said School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Emeritus Lawrence Kahn, who led the effort along with Professor Kimberly Kurtis and School of Materials Science and Engineering Professor Preet Singh. After testing six stainless steel alloys, conventional alloys and polymer materials, the group settled on a new type of stainless steel reinforcement, Kahn said, “the first-ever high-strength stainless steel prestressing strand made of a duplex stainless alloy. Environmental exposure and corrosion testing indicated that the stainless steel prestressing strands will last much longer than the 100 year requirement.”

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