Thank you MSE

Here are some of the recent thank you notes sent to MSE personnel.

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Thank You: Kevin Green
Kevin has always been immensely helpful in solving all our IT related needs. He is approachable, thoughtful and talented. Thank you for help and support
From: Saad Javaid - Sep 9, 2019

Thank You: Christopher Muhlstein
Thank you Dr. Muhlstein for that time two winters ago when you helped me make arrangements for taking my final exam late after my friend died. Thank you for understanding my grief and for giving me space to mourn. I'll never forget how kind you have been to me.
From: Jade Samuel - Sep 7, 2019

Thank You: Mark Losego
Thank you Prof Losego, Thank you all Losego Research Group members (Brandon, Emily, Jamie, Yi, Vivian, Shawn and Leila). For your help, for your pleasant demeanor, for your patience about one year of collaborative work. Miss you all, thank you all!
From: Erkul Karacaoglu - Sep 6, 2019

Thank You: Nelson Teresa
Thank you so much for the support and assistance for my transferring process! I really appreciate your help! ^~^
From: Shengtao Yu - Sep 5, 2019

Thank You: The entire finance team
Thank you for helping all of us graduate students through Workday... we know that we're creating headaches for y'all (unintentionally), and we appreciate your patience with us.
From: anonymous graduate student - Sep 5, 2019

Thank You: Yong Ding
Thank you Dr. Ding for the help and support to me on both research and life since the last three years. Wish you all the success and best in the future!
From: Wenbo Ding - Sep 5, 2019

Thank You: MSE Staff
Thank each of you for your efforts in support of the recent APR visit. MSE’s advance planning and coordination helped to display awesome teamwork and cohesiveness among us, thus leading to minimal onsite requests from the group. Although our message may not always be at the forefront of our conversation, please know that your support never goes unnoticed and that we depend on each other for MSE’s success. Once again, thank you for all that you do for MSE.
From: James Godard - Mar 28, 2019

Thank You: James Godard
James, You are always very helpful and approachable. Special thanks to you for helping me catch my flight on a rainy Friday night.
From: Xujun Zhang - Dec 18, 2018

Thank You: Frank Moss
Thank you Frank for your "always willing" attitude. No matter what you are asked to do, you do it with a smile. I really appreciate you.
From: Mechelle Kitchings - May 9, 2018

Thank You: James Cagle & Kevin Green
Thank you James & Kevin for getting & setting up my new computer! Teresa
From: Teresa - May 8, 2018

Thank You: Youjiang Wang
Prof Wang, thank you for your kindness. I wish to sincerely express my appreciation to you for the advise and guidance concerning my research project. Thank you!
From: Kehua Li - Apr 6, 2018

Thank You: James Goddard
James, You are always so helpful and kind. I appreciate all you do and I am glad you are part of MSE. Hope
From: Hope Payne - Apr 5, 2018

Thank You: MSE Staff
Thank you for the lovely plant that you sent for my husband after his recent hospital plant!
From: Teresa Nelson - Apr 5, 2018

Thank You: Godard James
Thanks for helping
From: Hengyu Guo - Apr 5, 2018

Thank You: Gleb Yushin
Dear Gleb Thank you for being such a great adviser. I can't believe how time has gone by. I feel privileged that I was able to work with you. You have been a great mentor not only from an academic standpoint but also from my career and personal perspectives. Thank you
From: Appreciate student from your group - Apr 5, 2018

Thank You: Robert Speyer
Thank you for taking the time to help students taking your courses. It really shows that you care about our learning, even though you recognize that your teaching style is very difficult!
From: Justin Chu - Apr 5, 2018

Thank You: LaJuana Whitner Bason
Thank you, LaJuana, for your help with the Grad Fair again this year. You did a great job on the food once again. Thank you again for all that you did and all you do for MSE!
From: Teresa Nelson - Mar 13, 2018

Thank You: Alyssa Barnes
Thank you, Alyssa, for your help with the Grad Fair again this year. We appreciate your making the time to help with setting up and helping with the welcome area for the Grad Fair this year. You are always a great team player!
From: Teresa Nelson - Mar 13, 2018

Thank You: Dr. Renita Washington
Renita, I want to thank you again for your work in organizing and consolidating the new ABET requirements. It was well done and you made it very easy for the faculty. Best, Eric.
From: Prof. Eric Vogel - Feb 27, 2018

Thank You: Robert Speyer
Dr. Speyer, Thank you for teaching 3 of my undergrad classes (thermo, transport and ceramics) and part of grad-level thermo. They were some of the hardest classes I had at Tech, but I retained much more from them than I did from almost all other MSE classes because of how well you structured the flow of information throughout the semester. I also appreciate your super intense tests because they taught me how to strategize to get the most points in so little time. And without the matlab assignments in transport I would not have felt confident enough with matlab to make programs with it in my internships. While all of your classes required more effort than probably any other MSE class, they were really rewarding and even strengthen friendships along the way because of how much group studying we needed to do. I can tell you put a lot of effort into organizing the material, and I really appreciate it. Thanks again! Sincerely, Mike Davidson
From: Mike Davidson - Feb 16, 2018

Thank You: Dracy Blackwell
Thank you Dracy, for being so welcoming right from our first day of meeting at the orientation, immediately making me feel like at home. Lots of love.
From: Nikita Bansal - Feb 16, 2018

Thank You: Roderick Ray
Roderick, you are a joy to work with and you continue to set the standard with your work ethic. You are efficient and hardworking Thanks for all you do for MSE!
From: Nadia Barr - Nov 13, 2017

Thank You: Jasmin Frett-Hodge
Jasmin consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional service to all students, staff- faculty. She takes the initiative to make sure there is no question unanswered. Thanks for all you do, Jasmin!
From: Nadia Barr - Nov 13, 2017

Thank You: Dracy R. Blackwell
Dracy Blackwell,I wish to sincerely express my appreciation to you for the advise, guidance as well as paying attention to hear me out as it regards all the questions I asked concerning my being admitted for a Ph.D program in Polymer Engineering. I will do my possible best to get all that is required of me to get admitted in a short time. Once again, I say thank you Dracy.
From: Francis Ugwu - Aug 28, 2017

Thank You: Bill Miller
Bill,Thank you for all of your hard work on updating MSE Fusion. I know that it's been tedious and you've been given very tight windows in order to get things done, but you've done so without complaint and have done a marvelous job. Thank you for all of your hard work day in and day out.
From: Rusty Edwards - Apr 11, 2017

Thank You: Dracy Blackwell
Dracy,Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make my individual visit day a great one. Whether or not I come here in the Fall, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, the staff, and the faculty. You have a fantastic group of people here.Best,Catie
From: Catherine Meis - Mar 14, 2017

Thank You: Dracy Blackwell
Thank you for organizing an informative trip! It was great to meet the graduate students and tour the labs. I especially appreciate you pulling it together with such short notice.Best,Julia
From: Julia Allen - Feb 12, 2017

Thank You: Blackwell, Dracy R
Dracy - Thanks for you flexibility in organizing an impromptu Intel Memory Ph. D. Talk during our recent recruiting Trip to Ga Tech. This was truly appreciated and the event was well attended. Such flexibility in collaboration with Institutions like Intel Corporation makes it easier for our recruiting team to reach out to the appropriate talent pool. Thanks again for you effort.
From: Ibrahim Sei - Feb 7, 2017

Thank You: Kevin Green
Thank you very much Kevin, for attempting taking me to the UPS store in MSE Golf cart with limit power left on the cart. You were very reassuring and helpful as we were crossing 10th street; getting me safely back to campus; as you did not have to help me.
From: Linda Roberson - Dec 15, 2016

Thank You: Hope Payne
Thank you very much Hope for calling UPS so late in the day to pick up a sensitive shipment, and staying in the office after 5pm to make sure the UPS driver picked up the shipment and signed the necessary document for insurance. Good new, the shipment was received without any problems
From: Linda Roberson - Dec 15, 2016