Faculty Awards and Honors

The following is a list, by year, of awards bestowed on MSE Faculty.


Cai, Wenshan Young Investigator Award, Office of Naval Research (ONR YIP)   
Gerhardt, Rosario American Ceramic Society and National Institute of Ceramic Engineering's Arthur L. Friedberg Ceramic Engineering Tutorial and Lecture award.
Jang, Seung Soon Senior Faculty Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award
Kacher, Josh    Young Investigator Award, Office of Naval Research (ONR YIP)   
Kacher, Josh    TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Award    
Kacher, Josh    DoE Basic Energy Science Early Career Award
Lin, Zhiqun Sigma Xi Best Faculty Paper Award       
Losego, Mark    CTL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award   
Losego, Mark    3M Non Tenured Faculty Award   
Marder, Seth Fellow National Academy of Inventors       
McDowell, Matthew National Science Foundation Early Career Development (CAREER) Award
McDowell, Matthew Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award   
McDowell, Matthew American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator Award
Realff, Mary Lynn CoE ANAK Society Faculty Advisor Award
Reynolds, John MRS Fellow   
Reynolds, John Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry   


Gerhardt, Rosario AcerS/NICE 2015 Arthur L. Firedberg Ceramic Engineering Tutorial and Lecture Nomination
Lin, Zhiqun Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow
Cook, Fred 2015 Olney Medal
Wang, Zhong Lin Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation Award
Wang, Zhong Lin SURA Distinguished Scientist Award
Wang, Zhong Lin 2016 GT Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation Award
Ready, William 2015 Brimacombe Medalist Award


Garmestani, Hamid ASM International Fellow
Gerhardt, Rosario Goizueta Foundation Faculty Chair
Gerhardt, Rosario 2015 International Association for Advanced Materials (IAAM) Medal and Certificate
Marder, Seth Materials Research Society 2015 Mid-Career Researcher Award
Qin, Dong CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award
Qin, Dong 3M 2015 Nontenured Faculty Award
Reynolds, John Amer Chem Society Fellow
Wang, Zhong Lin 2015 People’s Choice Winner for a Nobel Prize
Wang, Zhong Lin 2015 Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate
Wong, C P 2015 Highly Commended Paper Award from Emerald Literati Network